welcome to karabou-creations!

my name is kara and i love to create! this blog will follow me on my journey to pursuing my passion for art and turning that passion into a career.

i am currently attending the art institute of sea
ttle for graphic design, working full time, and filling my (practically non-existent) free time with projects!

i have to admit, i am slightly intimidated trying to fill this first post =) so, i'm just going to jump right in!

the lovely ally over at is hosting "The Traveling Journal", an art journal that 10 ladies around the globe are filling with original works of art! she was so kind to let me take part in this wonderful experience...and what do you know...i was the first to receive it!

here is a look at my pages in the journal:

this octopus was done using ink on paper.
the peacock was done using various fabrics (dupioni silk, denim, cotton, vinyl, and corduroy), along with sequins, glass beads, and real peacock feathers.

here's me with the finished product:

i sent the journal off to the next lady today, and i cannot wait to see what the others will put on the pages! thanks ally for putting this together!!

i have so much more to share with you, stay tuned for more karabou-creations! thanks for stopping by =)



  1. beautiful...all of it love the peacock but im bias and that pic i didnt even realize it was you until i took a second glance.

  2. ha! thanks =) i had a feeling you'd like the peacock!! you should see me now...i just got my hair done!

  3. Hey Kara, it's Julie! I just got the journal in the mail from you and followed the link you put on the bottom corner. I LOVE your pages! You're really talented (:

    That's cool that you go to the art institute. I have a friend who goes there.

    Can't wait to see more from you!

  4. Hi Julie!!

    Thanks so much! It was fun putting together the pages...I cannot wait to see what you put in there!

    I just stumbled over to your blog...I love it! You now have a new follower!

    Good luck with the pages =)


  5. I am so excited to follow your blog! Love ya!

  6. aww thanks Cheri! Love you too=)