project REstyle #3: framed corkboard + traveling journal update

i would like to start this post off by saying how honored i feel today to be part of a wonderful blogging community! i am new to the game, but already i am feeling the love!

over at The Vintage Valley, ally did an entire post about the pages i contributed to her Traveling Journal project! go check it out! i am so flattered, thanks ally!!

also, julie over at Mint & Mellow just posted her completed pages of the journal...they are beautiful! she captures the essence of seattle so perfectly. and she was kind enough to give me a little shout-out =) julie has sent the journal off to the next girl in illinois ~ i wonder what her pages will be filled with??

my third project REstyle was another random, vintage find from the goodwill.

i was ending a mildly-successful trip to the goodwill and heading up to the registers...when out of the corner of my eye i spotted an abandoned, vintage, brass frame. it had been discarded under a desk in the furniture section - so i grabbed it up! the shape and detail were perfect, and so was the price tag: $0.99!! the only thing missing was the glass and the backing. no worries! i had the perfect idea for it...

BEFORE: vintage, brass frame (i didn't take a before picture of my frame, but here is what my frame would have looked like in it's original state - minus the glass and backing)

i gave the brass a good cleaning, primed and painted it, cut out a used piece of cork from an old corkboard, and recyled some cardboard for the backing.

AFTER: REpurposed, vintage, corkboard

with some simple changes, a forgotten frame is now the focal point of my cube wall at work! it goes to show you that something that may not be complete or broken can still have a useful purpose =)

have you ever revived a broken / incomplete piece?


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