my blog's new hair-do =)

hi everybody! 

well, this is the last day of my "spring break" and instead of doing anything productive, i have been soaking up some quality couch-time and stumbling through some amazingly inspirational design/art blogs. along the way i thought to myself, "hey you! yeah, i'm talking to you! how about you stop looking at other people's amazing blogs and give yours a new look for spring??" and then i thought, "is it weird that i have this voice in my head bossing me around?" (that's a whole other post entirely, where we can examine my sanity. moving right along...) 

yes, it is definitely time that i gave my blog layout a little TLC. how do you like the new gingham background? and scalloped header? i made these in photoshop cs5 after playing around with some ideas for a bit. i think these new additions suit me much better...and slowly but surely i will be working on adding more of my personal touches around this little ol' blog.

let me quickly tell you how freaking pumped i am to start my spring quarter! SOOOOO EXCITED!!! this quarter i will be taking COLOR THEORY and TYPOGRAPHY. i can hardly contain myself!! i hope to have fun things to share with you throughout the quarter, and yes -- i owe you some posts examining my first year's work from art school. i pinky swear i will start posting those soon =)

here's a few pics of mark and i's seattle aquarium spring break trip:

sad face telling me it's time to stop eating so we can go to the seattle aquarium!
showing the seals some love at the aquarium=)

on a more personal side note: i started seeing a new naturopath today. what's a naturopath you ask?? wikipedia defines naturopathy as:

"Naturopathic medicine employs complementary and alternative medical therapies within the context of mainstream medicine, which help improve the body's intrinsic ability to heal and maintain itself. Practitioners of naturopathic medicine prefer to use natural remedies such as botanical tinctures/medicinal herbs and foods rather than synthetic drugs. Naturopathic medical practice includes many different modalities. Practitioners emphasize a holistic approach to patient care..."

i was very happy with this new dr. and can't wait to start my treatment plan. i am a living, breathing, testimony of how naturopathy can change one's life for the better. if you haven't ever been to one/heard of one, i highly suggest giving it a try (especially if you HATE going to the doctor). the dr. actually gets to know you and your symptoms in depth (i'm talking about a one hour first appointment!), and then figures out ways to let your body start HEALING itself! not write you RX after RX that covers the symptoms and often times creates new ones. 

ok, if you made it through that long-winded detour you deserve a lollipop and a sticker =) that's it for now...hope you have a lovely day. thanks for reading!