my own best friend

the other day i went online and ordered my usual bumble & bumble curl creme, and when checking out i decided to try something new...i took an extra second and selected the "free gift wrap" option =) normally this would be something i just breeze past, but this time i thought it might be nice to send a gift to myself! i even went the extra step and wrote a little note to myself to be included on the card.

a week passed by and i received my package in the then i had already forgotten about the whole thing and when i opened the box i got such a sweet surprise! the products were beautifully packaged and i was wondering why...until i opened the card and saw my note to myself. such a small thing, but it made my day. now i have some really cool packaging to re-use and a great tip to use when making future purchases online.

here's a peek at the cute packaging:

beautiful graphic gift packaging

a simple note to myself =)
i urge you to give this a try next time you shop's the little things in life that seem to matter the most sometimes!