project REstyle #1: t-shirt revival

this week i am going to dedicate my posts to one of my favorite hobbies...REpurposing.

let me start by coming clean: "hi, my name is kara. i am addicted to thrift stores." phew! i feel better now that i got that off my a thrifting junkie, i have an ever-growing, abundant collection of odds-and-ends that i have purchased from second hand stores. every item i purchase has a hidden potential that i am compelled to bring out.

not too long ago, the wonderfully talented elsie over at a beautiful mess started project REstyle, an online challenge "to ReStyle damaged, unwanted or unusable goods into fresh, beautiful pieces!" as soon as i heard the words RE-STYLE how could i resist?! i couldn't believe there were so many out there with my same passion! i have since REpurposed a few pieces that i'd like to share with you...

over the next week, i will be posting my project REstyle projects that i have already completed. starting with my first...

BEFORE: an old mock-turtleneck t-shirt that i have held on to for about 3 years, but never wore once!

i kept this around because i loved the fit and the quality of the fabric, yet didn't find the neckline flattering.

AFTER: with a new scoop neck, and some fringe around the neckline (to add some stability and cuteness)...a new shirt is born! 

as soon as the weather warms up a bit i will post an outfit pic with my new-old t-shirt!



  1. I adore Elsie's A Beautiful Mess blog :) The shirt turned out adorable I can't wait to see a pic of the outfit you put together!

  2. Thanks Cheri! Isn't Elsie amazing?? I am addicted to her blog!