eye heart ewe

eye heart ewe
here's my first attempt at using polyvore! it was super easy and fun to throw a dream outfit together!

this upcoming valentine's day will be my 8 year anniversary with my man -- and now fiancĂ© =) if i could choose the perfect anniversary outfit this would be it! of course living in seattle means there would also be a heavy jacket + scarf + gloves in the equation...but in my dream world the sun will be out and the weather will be warm and dreamy. 

my perfect anniversary/valentine's dream date: a wilderness walk followed by picnic lunch and goodwill jaunt...later we would go see an action movie, play with a herd of puppies, then eat some delicious cupcakes and end the night by snuggling on the couch watching our dvr'd tv shows. ahhhhh sounds perfect!

what's your dream date this valentine's day?


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